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BG Solutions not only promotes but also creates all the tools required to implement a business idea. Our services cover the full cycle of software creation, implementation, and maintenance. 

Our main task is to make your business profitable and require minimal efforts in terms of management.

What we do

Process Automation

We develop everything you need software to free up your resources for more creative and exciting tasks. There’s no need to waste time on things that can happen automatically!

Improvement of software already in use

We study your software, find functional weaknesses, and improve the features you already have. Our goal is to make your tools as efficient as possible.

Consulting and optimization of software development processes

We will help your development team create software that supports your business goals — whether the software is only used internally or becomes a tool to interact with your audience.

Mobile development

Modern trends show the growth of mobile users, and with the development of technologies, their number will only continue to grow. We will help to adapt your software or create entirely new solutions for portable devices.

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